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The Jana's Kids Foundation



Purpose & Mission of Foundation:  To encourage Native and Aboriginal youth in a positive way through her words and music.


Jana is very dedicated to helping Native youth in any way she can. Jana gives back to her Native community by helping others believe in themselves and their ability to achieve their goals. In her travels around the country, Jana has met with and listened to thousands of Native youth. Their strong support is what is making Jana's special work so successful.

Jana’s Kids provides Native American youth the resources necessary to achieve their dreams. As a part of Jana’s “Triple A” educational initiative, Jana’s Kids grants scholarships to recipients who display unmatched talents in the areas of academics, athletics and the arts. Beneficiaries of the foundation are then able to return to their tribal communities to enrich and empower the next generation of Native American leaders.


The Jana's Kids Foundation has been around for well over a decade. Jana has provided almost 20 scholarships to well deserved Native American students across the country. Scholarship applications are posted online in the early Spring of each year on her website and Jana awards one to two scholarships each year before the Fall semester begins at the end of each Summer. She has law students, medical students, and other graduate students who have benefitted from her scholarships and Jana is so proud of each and every one of her recipients and their successes throughout the years.


Wonai're'! (Thank you from Jana :)

The Jana’s Kids Foundation is a

   501 (C)(3) non-profit organization.                    

EIN# 061673106, DUNS# 801161931.

For more information please visit the Jana's Kids website or contact

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