Jana's first fictional novel based on the concept album, "American Indian Story!"

American Indian Story Book

  • When Taylor Mashonee’s great-grandmother dies, the young girl uncovers a secret that has been inside of her since she was born. Taylor’s grandmother gives her an ancient book that was left to her by her great-grandmother. Passed down through many generations, it tells the story of Sha’kona and her tribe’s epic journey from the land of their birth to the New World. As Taylor follows the amazing fantasy-filled saga, Sha’kona learns she will soon become an extraordinary leader of her people and a messenger of hope and enlightenment throughout the New World and Taylor realizes she has a magical connection to Sha’kona. In an uplifting tale of discovery, courage, friendship and heroism, both girls experience the greatest adventure of their lives and begin to understand their strength and the importance of unity and solidarity of all people – ideals that will forever hold true. “Sha’kona will stir your soul and uplift your spirit. She is a great heroine. Her character displays the strength, wisdom, dignity and truth that are at the core of our Native American culture. And she does it all with a sense of humor and adventure. This is a fantastic read for anyone.” --Wes Studi – actor (Avatar, The Last of the Mohicans), musician, author -- “Wow, just wow. This is truly fantastic – I can’t wait to read it again! It’s got all the key hooks – it’s real, but with a fantastical twist; it has relatable characters; it deals with complex issues in a down-to-earth way and it has a heroine I hope fills the pages of many more novels to come!” --J. Alison Bryant, Ph.D., Founder & President, PlayScience--